Components Source Book

Fortal Manual

Technical data manual. This document will provide you with specific information, specifications, machining guidelines and answers to FAQs.
Plate Services

Stock Die Set List

Two posts & four posts. Plain bearing & ball bearing. Replacement components for ALL brands of die sets.
Die Set Catalog

Standard and metric die set styles..
ISO Die Spring

Assorted Raymond die springs are manufactured using a wire cross section developed to provide optimum balance between load carrying characteristics and cycle life.
ISO Components

Think ISO - Think superior die set
Superior Die Set Master Catalog

Standard Die Spring

All Raymond die springs are made from high tensile strength chromium alloy steels.
Forging Brocheres

Forging hammer and press component/services.

The perfect addition to your mold base to help eliminate hazardous pinch points and debris jamming in your ejector housing.
Mold Base Catalog

Fortal Mold Bases for A series, T series, B series, X series, V series.
Quick-Ship Mold Base

Over 100,000 mold base combinations.

A "New Standard" return pin spring designed exclusively for mold base applications. Offers positive return action and safer operating specifications for and mold base application.
Slide Lock

Designed to effectively prevent operational slipping of the slide in your mold base. High strength tool alloy construction provides durable production life. Slide-Lock components resist wear over many slide cycles.

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