Aerial Cams

Anchor Lamina has made a commitment to the metal stamping industry by manufacturing and distributing a comprehensive collection of high quality products. Ease of spring replacement from back of cam; the cam base incorporates a safety restraint system to retain the slide during spring removal.
Diemount Cams

50 series, 75 series, 125-150 series, 177-200 series, 250-300 series cams.
Lamina Max 90 & Micro 90 Bump Cams

Unique design and construction for use in progressive, transfer, and line dies.
Roller Cam

Designed to function at 1 million hits plus. Maintenance-free, Aluminum- Bronze alloy wear surfaces.
Slim Cam 050

Four tons of performance at 1-1/2 ton price! Highest rated tonnage in the 50mm wide cam field!
Die Components
Ball Bearing Components

Retainers, sleeve bushings, guide posts, clamps and screws, procedures and dimensions for precision dies.
Lam Glide Bushings

Lamglide Bushings can be used in many industry applications; metal stamping, transfer machinery, special machines, automation, farm equipment, sports and fitness equipment, medical equipment.
Lamina Die Components

Bushings, technical information, miscellaneous bushings, guide pins, stock lifters, spool type pad retainers.
Hydraulic Equipment
Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic motors manufactured by Lamina have a mail shaft that can be readily adapted by the use of chuck or collet to hold tools for rotary machine operations, such as drilling, boring, reaming and the like. The unusual small size of these motors makes them a natural choice for many applications.
Lamina Hydraulic Equipment

Lamina hydraulics has moved into the new millennium with upgraded, user friendly electronic technology. These products are more efficient. quieter, and easy to use.
Mold Products
Round Mold Products

Features bronze plated, hardened steel and self-lubricating bronze mold bushings and steel pins.
Lamina Disc Springs by Schnorr

Specialized in the manufacture of disc springs for more than 50 years. Many applications have been found for Schnorr disc spring because of their unique characteristics and advantages.
Lamina Marsh Mellow Springs

A proven cost saver for the metal stamping industry. Can be used as a maintenance free replacement for costly self contained nitrogen cylinders. The unique construction elements are the secret of the spring design flexibility.
Lamina Utility Springs

Engineered for durability, these quality springs have unlimited applications for general utility and industry.
Wear Products
Lamina Wear Components

Features sliding guide components for molds, we bring you a wider selection of wear products than in the past.

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