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Choosing The Right System


Maintenance and repair procedures.

Nitrogen system safety.

T2SS3-16 and T2SS3-16-GM Replaces T2SS2-16 and T2SS2-16-GM

CP-XM EZ Control Panel

Use CP-XM Control Panels for all Gas Spring Hosed Systems


MOR 0.5-6 Seal Kits


Clarification of FCR Flanges for T2-90


Department of transportation shipping exception

Hosed System Components
Hosed System Components
All the components you need to create a hosed nitrogen gas system!
Quick Disconnect Charge Fittings

Controllable Systems

DIDRO Advanced-Forming
Drac Positive Lock

Positive lock return system.
Drac Soft Lock
Box Cam Unit

Typical Application: In-Line Piercing.
Controllable Cam System

Stores pressurized fluid in an accumulator and controls the flow to the remotely mounted cam using solenoid valves and adjustable flow controls.
Nitro-Cam Service Manual

Nitro Cam System

Two new sizes 6 3/4 ton and 16 3/4 ton! Sensor kits now available.
Roller Cam System

Typical Applications: Piercing, metal trimming, and flanging.
Manifold System
Dyne A Lube High Speed Systems

Available in combination with any of Hyson's nitrogen cylinder systems.
150 Bar Manifold

All standard manifold cylinders are now nitrided, a process developed over the last 5 years which infuses nitrogen into the bore to create a very hard and durable wear surface.

Mini Manifold

Features include Dyn-A-Lube lubrication systems for high speed and high volume operations. Custom engineered for low pressure rise. Provides uniform pressure on all cylinders.

Thread Identification Chart

Press Solutions
Press Solutions


Press cushions can be installed in a variety of locations regardless of the orientation of the press.
Nitro-Dyne Ram Cushion

Offer a variety of advantages over conventional hydraulic and air ram cushions, from design flexibility and lower tooling costs to consistent force and simple retrofits.
T2 Series Springs
T2 B

Life in excess of 100,000 stroke meters. Cartridge design for easy maintenance. Oil pipe prevents oil leaving the springs in a hosed system.

New flex guide accepts normal die movement.

Short overall spring length. Ideal for low shut height applications.
T2 Mini

One-half inch diameter T2-50 spring. T2SS2-16 and T2SS2-24 stripper gas springs with special model that conforms to GM 90.80.45 Global Standard.

Now with nine models and additional stoke lengths. A 1-inch diameter spring with 4250 N/955 lb. contact force.
T2 SL Stock Lifter

Ideal for progressive dies, new 170 model can be hosed together for uniform force.
T2 SS-16

For stock lifting and part ejecting. Designed for complete force adjustability, seals perform at low pressure ranges.
T3 Series Springs
New T3 Comparison Chart

T3 Series

With 12 models to choose from, contact forces from 380 lbs. to 45,000 lbs.
T3T Series

Same force and diameter as T3 series, SAE-4(7/16-20) port for use with standard full siz hoses.
T3 Series - SPANISH

T4 Series Springs
T4 Series

The high force of a T3 combined with the external dimensions of a T2ISO
T4 Series - SPANISH

Tanker Springs
New Tanker B replaces XP

Over 25% more force than the Super Tanker Series it replaces.
Tanker XP 400HS

Nitrogen gas springs for high speed stamping.

High force in short heights with contact forces to 15,400 lbs. Self-aligning piston rod accepts normal die movement and a degree of side load.
TNK 400

Engineered fro high performance, long service life. Dynamic lubrication circulates oil onto seal surfaces with every stroke.
SRS Gas Spring

Built in return stroke speed dampening reduces pad bounce as much as 90%! Use as self-contained or in hosed system.
Tanker - SPANISH

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