Wesco is pleased to announce the acquisition of Lexco Engineering and Manufacturing Company. You probably already know of Lexco. They have been producing high-precision standard and custom engineered industrial lif t tables since the 1950's.
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Wesco Industrial Products brings you fine quality material handling
equipment and excellent customer service.
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Die Handlers

This device offers and easier method for pushing and pulling loads to and from the unit.
Die Separators

A low cost answer to the separation of tight fitting heavy dies. This die-separator table is designed to handle dies weighing up to 4000 lbs. and with dimensions of up to 30" in width and 50" in length.
Electro Mechanical

All models include a 12 volt electro-mechanical lifting unit with a lifting speed of approx. 0.2125 inches per second for more accurate aligning of table top to matching surfaces.
Heavy Duty Portable Hydraulic

Designed to meet the needs of shops and plants handling heavier dies, equipment and sheets.

Rugged, repairable, hydraulic lift units. Quality engineered and backed by 40 years of proven reliability.
Hydraulic Tilt Top and Long Deck STN

Speeds moving, handling, and feeding of strip and bar stock to punch presses, shears, press brakes, screw machines, other equipment.
LDM Series Product

Lexco engineering and manufacturing is supplying a customized mobilizer that can be moved from table to table.
Self Propelled

Self propelled units adapts to most Lexco lift tables to facilitate the changing and transporting of dies. Designs are available for load capacities of up to 8000 lbs.

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