Model 250

For tighter loads, the Model 250 Air Transporter is designed to move 25 lbs of material. The 250 comes with a 2 year warranty, provides variable speed control (15-40 ft./min) and is available from stock.
Vibro 320

The Vibro Model 320 air operated transporter is designed to move 60lbs of mass but can handle up to 100 lbs. The model 320 saves downtime over conventional conveying systems and are easily adaptable to meet your growing needs.
Vibro 450

The Vibro Model air 450 air operated transporter can move up to 125lbs of material effortlessly including linear scrap removal from machine tools and for other conveying processes.
Vibro 850

Reengineered from Vibro's original model 850 transporter to provide many distinct user benefits.
Vibro Sensor

Designed to control Vibro's Model 250, 320, 450, and 850 air operated transporter conveying system, the transporter motion sensor automatically shuts down production line machinery (within 6 seconds) whenever air pressure to the conveying system is interrupted, protecting equipment and valuable material.

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