Multicyl Catalog

Patented air over oil press used for punching applications. Uses now include everything from a simple workstation to a completely automated manufacturing cell.
Multicyl Rebuild Assy

Multicyl cylinder series assembly
Multicyl Tube Piercing

The speed of air with the power of hydraulics.

The multiloc hydraulic squeeze is ideal for quick clean joining of many types of metals without the disadvantages of welding and riveting.
Cages - Click Here For CAD Files


ACP1 Foot Control Package


ACP4-P Anti Tie Down Control Package


ACP4 Anti Tie Down Control Package

Cylinders - Click Here For CAD Files
Tooling Templates Examples




Hole Punch Station Model


Straight Through Tube Piercing Station


TP1 Tube Pierce Unit


TPM-1 Mandrel Style Tooling


Typical MultiLoc Tooling Model


Typical Notch Station Model


Typical Tube Notch Tooling Model

XL15-16-16-CAD File

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