Compatibility Chart

Quick Application Chart
CNC 150

CNC 150 will control any of the Automec backguage configurations as either a 1-axis(backguage), 2-axis(Ram Control) or 3-axis(programmable gauge bar height).
CNC 2000

The 10,000 job memory means that all jobs in your shop can be stored at each pressbrake equipped with CNC2000. A tool library stores optimal perimeters for angle mode operation.
CNC 300

The CNC 300 is a control for Automec backguages that can be programmed as simple as our popular CNC150 or it can be programmed to utilize an array of sophisticated functions.
Square Gage Plus

The sequential movement of SQUAREGAGE means different size blanks can be effectively sheared from a large blank to maximize material utilization.

The Econogauge family of gauges utilizes the patented Automec drive mechanism with locking disc brakes, yielding unsurpassed rigidity and reliability.
G24 Series

The G24 series is designed for applications where 24' of front to rear travel is desired.
G48 Series

Programmable backgauging for pressbrakes has always offered impressive productivity savings for medium and short runs on light sheet metal.
Mini Brute

Offers quick set-up and sequential backgauge positioning for brakes with 3' to 8'6" between the side frames, utilizing up to a 66" gauge bar.
Square Gage Mech

Each drive is built around a heavy duty extrusion that runs the full length of each drive.
CNC 4000 Brochure

Each drive is built around a heavy duty extrusion that runs the full length of each drive.
DP4 control Pendant Arm
Easygage Chain Drive Servo 0312
Easygage Control Brochure 0811
G24 Series Brochure 0712 for Email
G48 Brochure 0910
GF1 Brochure
GF-8 Brochure 0910
GF9 Brochure
PC 800 Brochure
PS 50 Brochure
RAxis Brochure
Sqgage Mechanical Brochure 0910
Sqgage Mechanical Brochure 0910

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